Kenny & Murphy - Product - Aggregates
Kenny & Murphy - Product - Aggregates Kenny & Murphy - Product - Aggregates Kenny & Murphy - Product - Aggregates

Aggregates supplies in Bridgwater

Why should you choose Kenny & Murphy? We offer:

  • We offer collection or delivery providing quality, competitive prices and a quick service for your aggregates
  • Dedicated customer service and plant staff to provide help when ordering or collecting your aggregates
  • We stock Fine light pit sand, Red building sand and Silver building sands

The benefits of buying our aggregate are:

  • We can deliver to locations with restricted vehicle access
  • Very quick turnaround promise if you are collecting from our plant
  • Collection of your aggregates at your convenience

We supply all sizes of aggregates

We can supply small loads and serve home and small DIY sites that larger businesses are not willing or able to supply.


We deliver, or you can collect aggregates and decorative stone from our batching plant in Bridgwater.

Call: 01278 653 367 or 07966166224

Other Products

  • Ready Mix Concrete

    Ready-mixed concrete

    We supply ready-mixed concrete to building contractors across the local area. We are the first choice for small building projects across the county covering DIY, commercial and agricultural applications. You can collect your concrete from our plant.

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    our concrete
  • Interlocking Concrete Blocks

    Interlocking Concrete Blocks

    We supply make Interlocking concrete blocks. That are great for making long-lasting storage areas, security walls, security pillons to stop vehicle, buildings and much more. We will work with you to make sure that you get the blocks you need and are suitable for your needs.

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    our Interlocking Concrete Blocks
  • Floor Screed

    Floor screed for you to collect, or to be delivered to your door. Kenny & Murphy produces screed products, useful for a wide variety of applications. All of our screed products are designed with the final surface finish in mind and are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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    our floor screed